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150 Malaria Nets Donated: Thank You!

Hello everyone! It’s Jacob. I hope you’re well.

I’m very excited to announce that Puzzles for Progress has officially reached our initial goal of $750. That’s enough for 150 malaria nets to be shipped to the places of Africa where they’re needed most, where they are making families safer from another of the world’s deadly diseases. I’m hugely appreciative to those of you who have directly donated to meet this goal, as well as everyone who has supported Puzzles for Progress in other ways, such as solving the puzzles, or sharing them with others. When I started this, I really had no idea how much money we could raise, and I’ve been amazed by how willing you are to chip in and help. Thank you!

Reaching 150 nets is significant in another way. Of course, everyone who receives a malaria net from Nothing but Nets will be safer and more secure. For roughly 1 in every 150 of these people, that net made the difference between life and death. To put it another way, Puzzles for Progress has statistically saved a person’s life. Maybe this is all crude statistics, and it’s better to think about the 150 people who have a malaria net they wouldn’t have otherwise. But I have hope that there’s someone out there who’s getting a renewed chance to impact the world for years or decades to come.

I want to reinforce how hugely grateful I am that you’ve all taken the time to help out Puzzles for Progress. We’re definitely not stopping here–our next goal is to reach $1500, the equivalent of 300 nets. It’s ambitious, but I believe that with all of your help, we can do it. Please visit to donate, and I encourage you to spread the word to other puzzling aficionados. If you haven’t done every puzzle (or if you have), they are always available at Thanks again!

That’s all. Stay tuned for the regularly scheduled puzzle page on Friday!


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