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#81: Full Midloop, Full Slitherlink, Spiral

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! This is the 81st edition, so you could match every issue so far to a cell in a standard sudoku. If I had planned ahead, this could've been a cool meta puzzle, but as it stands it would just be nonsense.

Before I get to today's puzzles, I'm back on Rangsk's YouTube channel, this time with my pack of six six-letter Wordles! Be sure to check that out if it sounds like something you'd enjoy.

Speaking of Wordle, here's a link to today's Puzzles fordle Progress!

The first full puzzle for today is, well, a Full Midloop. I covered Midloop in a Puzzle Spotlight two issues ago, but this is a variant where every cell must be used. This is actually one of my favorite puzzles I've made recently. Sometimes, puzzle making feels like a battle with the puzzle to make it work, but this one just did!

Second, a Full Slitherlink, where the loop must now go through every intersection instead of every cell. I went for my classic all-1s theme, but was sadly forced to add a 3 at the end. It should be a fun puzzle for learning the core logic of Full Slitherlink:

Finally, a Spiral, which I suppose goes with the full theme in that every cell is full of exactly one letter? I made this puzzle using Alex Boisvert's Spiral constructing tool, which I was very excited to try out and was in fact pretty cool. I'm also excited to announce that I figured out you can publish puzzles on, so you can just click the button to solve the puzzle online. I hope you all enjoy!

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