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#92: Tapa, Arrow Sudoku, Spiral

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

For Puzzles fordle Progress, a traditional five-letter wordle. Nostalgic.

Onto the actual puzzles, it's another puzzle type returning after a long gap, Tapa. It's symmetric two ways!

I was able to make an Arrow Sudoku where all the arrows point in the same direction! There's one step that's a bit hard by Puzzles for Progress standards, so if you've got some digits but are struggling to go further, rot13 this: pbafvqre gur fhz bs gur obggbz yrsg gjb neebjf gbtrgure

And another Spiral, the puzzle type I can't get enough of:

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Feb 13

¿Cómo se contacta a el Sr. Frank Longo de sudoku 10X10?


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