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#94: Word Ladder, Capsules, Slitherlink

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! I have some extremely exciting puzzle developments in the works — but for now, three puzzles, just as usual.

But first, Puzzles fordle Progress, this time just a normal five-letter Wordle: solve

Onto the main-line puzzles. Back in Issue #46, we travelled across Asia in a Word Ladder; today, we traverse America:

After that, it's a Capsules puzzle with diagonal symmetry. No fancy variants or super-hard techniques today, so it should be friendly!

Finally, we reach a Slitherlink, which should also be friendly; it shows off a pattern that veteran slitherers will recognize instantly, but the hope is that if you're not in that category this puzzle allows you to get a feel for why it's true.

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