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#97: Aquarium, Midloop, Fillomino [from PANFOPCWHTTAPA 3]

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As expected, it's Jacob-reuses-his-contest-puzzles-so-he-doesn't-have-to-make-more time. They're from PANFOPCWHTTAPA 3, short for Picking A Name For Our Puzzle Contest Was Harder Than The Actual Puzzles Are 3: Anniversary Edition (previously: contest 1, contest 2), with puzzles written by myself, David "djmathman" Altizio, Priyam "punchingcatto" Bhushan, and Botaku. We had over 300 participants and a top time of 10:24 for all fifteen puzzles!

Though the contest is over, it is still possible to take the contest unofficially! This will simulate the experience, limiting your time and requiring you to submit answer keys for each puzzle. However, you can also solve the puzzles here: mine formatted in Puzzles for Progress style, the others linked. If you're hungry for even more, solve some unused puzzles, on David's website.

But before that, it's Puzzles fordle Progress, my custom wordle: solve

I made an Aquarium, a puzzle where you'll have to ensure that every region has a consistent water level. While making the answer key for this, you would not believe how many minutes I spent failing to spot the (relatively easy) starting logic of this puzzle, which, again, I made, so you have a very real chance of besting me:

Then there's a Midloop, which is pretty mid, in terms of difficulty, and also somewhat loopy:

Finally, a Fillomino where every clue is a 2, 5, or 8 (so two more than a multiple of 2). The 8s were originally 11s, but David had the amazing suggestion of changing them to 8s, and it left the puzzle unique and, in my opinion, much better for it. The puzzle is also symmetrical two ways:

So now the puzzles by other people! They did a great job.

Akari rules: Place lights in some cells so that every cell is illuminated. Each light bulb illuminates from the bulb to either a black square or the outer frame in each of the four cardinal directions. Lights may not illuminate each other. Clues represent the number of lights in the (up to) four cells surrounding the clue.

Nanro rules: Place a number into some cells so that all cells with numbers form one orthogonally connected area. Each region must contain at least one numbered cell, and every number in the region must be equal to how many numbered cells the region contains. Two cells containing the same number may not share a region border. No 2x2 region may be entirely numbered.

Links to online interfaces for the puzzles:

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