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300 Malaria Nets Donated!

A few days ago, Puzzles for Progress crossed $1500 in fundraising for Nothing but Nets! That equates to three hundred malaria nets shipped to families in need. I want to give y'all a tremendous thank-you for getting PfP to this goal!

As I mentioned when PfP got to $750, multiples of 150 nets are significant in another way. While every recipient of a net will be safer, approximately 1 in 150 of them would have otherwise died from malaria. Which means that, now, Puzzles for Progress has, statistically, saved two people's lives. Obviously, it's impossible to pinpoint exactly who, and two is of course an average, but it's still wild to think about.

Also: Nothing But Nets has a ranking of all the fundraisers made by individuals. And Puzzles for Progress currently ranks twelfth, just two spots short of the first page! Well, I checked, and the tenth-place fundraiser raised $1890. So the new goal is the slightly-arbitrary-looking $1891–you can donate to reach that goal, as always, at Each dollar helps.

The regularly scheduled puzzle page will be on Friday as always, and happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Again, thank you!


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