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#34: Mini Crosswords; Meandering Numbers; KenKen

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! This puzzle page begins with some light Mini Crosswords, one of which was–to no one's shock more than mine–somehow made before Puzzles for Progress existed! I really thought I'd salvaged all the passable puzzles, but apparently not. Second, we have Meandering Numbers, which is basically Capsules, but incorporating an additional rule reminiscent of the King's Tour. Smash two amazing puzzles together, how can the result not be amazing?

Oh, also I MADE THE ULTIMATE KENKEN. LITERAL PERFECTION ON A PAGE. I WILL NEVER IMPROVE UPON IT. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha [Editor's note: It's not even too hard! Elegant and approachable. Also, it looks like Jacob's back to sane now.] [Editor's note: I am the editor. I don't know why the previous editor's note is in third person.] [Editor's note: Maybe I'm not actually sane today after all.]

Print this puzzle page out by using the following link:

If you'd prefer each puzzle on a separate page, those links are also available below, as well as the link to the answer page:

Just the Mini Crosswords puzzle:

Just the Meandering Numbers puzzle:

Just the ultimate KenKen puzzle:

Bonus puzzle: Though (the absolute perfect online puzzle solver, for puzzles they support) doesn't support Capsules, they do support Meandering Numbers, which is literally just Capsules plus an additional rule. Why do they do this? (I don't know the answer. It's not actually a puzzle, just something I'm confused about and wanted to quickly mention because I do not understand why.)

In any case, you can Meandering Numbers all you like online! (By the way, "the Meandering Numbers" totally sounds like an integer sequence.) In addition, you can get the two Minis on Crossword Hobbyist, and the KenKen on Penpa.

The first Mini Crosswords puzzle, online with Crossword Hobbyist:

The second Mini Crosswords puzzle, online with Crossword Hobbyist:

The Meandering Numbers puzzle, online with

The ultimate KenKen puzzle, online with Penpa:

Edit: Or solve the mini crosswords online with Crosshare (the first, the second)!

Last week’s puzzles: Capsules; Recomposition; Spiral

Next week’s puzzles: Summer Salts; Enclosures; Mirrored Gallery

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