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#44: Mirrored Gallery; KenKen; Crossword

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! My previous Mirrored Galleries with diagonal symmetry have been on the harder side, so this is one that should be more approachable. Also, a KenKen, and a themed crossword! I've done too many themelesses recently; it's good to be back!

Print this puzzle page out by using the following link:

If you'd prefer each puzzle on a separate page, links to those are below:

Just the Mirrored Gallery puzzle:

Just the KenKen puzzle:

Just the crossword puzzle:

All three puzzles are available online today! Mirrored Gallery and KenKen with Penpa, and the crossword with Crossword Hobbyist. However, if you're going to use the online link for the crossword, be aware that the circled square in the center should actually be a 1-letter Across answer with the clue "Each vowel in this grid."

The Mirrored Gallery puzzle, online: (no answer-check)

The KenKen puzzle, online:

The crossword puzzle, online: (see note above)

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: Puzzle Spotlight: Overpath

As a reward for anyone who's read this far, I want to quickly introduce a section that'll be in Puzzles for Progress post sometimes, which I've titled "Small Details Probably Only Jacob Cares About Corner." You can probably guess what information is in it.

Small Details Probably Only Jacob Cares About Corner

I finally changed the multiplication sign in KenKen from just the letter x to the actual multiplication sign ×! Yay gradual improvement.

Now, here's the jpg as always.

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