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#84: Capsules, Full Midloop, Whirlpool

Updated: May 27, 2022

Puzzles, amirite?

Today's Puzzles fordle Progress is a six-letter word this time.

I tend to make Capsules (aka Suguru) puzzles with mostly five-cell regions, but I challenged myself to use mostly six-cell regions for this one. Partially as a result, the puzzle has more given digits than usual, and should be genuinely approachable!

Printable PDF / online with Penpa

This is a Full Midloop. I stole the logical motif from RSP's latest puzzle, Undo, because it's very cool. I think my version is a bit easier to start?

Printable PDF / online with

I haven't actually made a serious Whirlpool in awhile, so I thought it was time! No online interface for this, unfortunately. The middle row's entry was what I started with. If you don't understand/appreciate it, rest assured that it's extremely funny, I'm extremely clever, and it definitely shouldn't be rot13(FJVSGYL) as tester Quiara suggested.

Printable PDF

Or: all three puzzles on one page / the answers

Before you go! I'm planning to redesign the website soon, but will I? I've created a prediction market on the topic. Besides betting (fake money) on it, now is a great time to email or comment with suggestions for changes I should make! I will be unusually receptive.

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