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#99: Morseword, Tatamibari, Yajilin

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress. Last issue of 2022!

If you're looking for more puzzles to do over the holidays, a reminder that the full Puzzles for Progress archive continues to be available at, perfect for going back and doing some old ones that you missed! But there will be plenty more puzzles to come in 2023. Puzzles for Progress will remain biweekly. (I will aim to maintain a backlog, though realistically I am skeptical.) I also have an exciting puzzle-related development that I have to wait until February to announce. But for now, it's still December!

There have been a lot of returning puzzle types lately, so this week, I created three puzzle types making their debut on Puzzles for Progress.

But first, something that's not making its debut is my own custom wordle, still with the terrible name Puzzles fordle Progress: solve

First, a Morseword, which is a crossword where you have to write the answers in Morse code! Don't worry, there's a reference if, like me, you haven't memorized it. If solving online, use 0 for dot and 1 for dash.

Next, a Tatamibari, a bit of a twist on Cell Blocks/Shikaku inspired by Japanese tatami mats. I've known about Tatamibari for a long time, and came very close to making one for PfP. Then I forgot that it existed, but now I remembered!

And... oh boy, it's Yajilin. I've also known about Yajilin for a long time, but my relationship with it was more one of intimidation. I promised myself that, because of the complicated rules, I would never make one for Puzzles for Progress. However, since then, I've ended up doing a lot of Yajilin in the db (shout out to @SandWhichIs for making great Yajilin!) and have come around to the puzzle type. I hope you won't be intimidated by mine!

(Note: It’s likely, due to carelessness from me, that one or two of the above links will be wrong. If you find one, let me know! You may or may not be able to deduce the correct link in the meantime.)

ps: i'm never making a heyawake though. you can't make me

pps: i haven't actually gotten into heyawake yet, so it's actually gonna be awhile if it happens. people keep talking about it though

ppps: it's from japanese, so it's pronounced hey-a-wa-ke. but there is also heyasleep

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