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Announcing: Puzzles for Progress Book!

I'm extremely excited to announce that I'm compiling a Puzzles for Progress book!

It's still in the early stages, but my plan is to take the 30 to 40 best Puzzles for Progress puzzles so far, with a handful of new ones thrown in, and, you know, bookify them. I'm hoping to time this with the Puzzles for Progress one-year anniversary on July 7th, with copies available to buy! (All profits to Nothing But Nets, of course.) But projects have a tendency to take longer than they first appear, so a delay is entirely within the realm of possibility. At some point before then, there'll probably be a button you can click to preorder the book, but that button doesn't exist yet. Early stages.

Anyway, I just wanted to officially commit to doing this–don't want Future Jacob to decide that making a book sounds hard and he shouldn't do it! Also, I'm told that announcing things way ahead of time builds hype: now you can be excited about the upcoming Puzzles for Progress book instead of not knowing about it!

More details about the book to come in the future. If you have any suggestions at all–about what I should put in the book, or about how I should go about making a book in the first place, or just general enthusiasm–I'd love to hear them!


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