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Lots of PfP News!

I wasn't planning to send anything Puzzles for Progress-related during January, but there is a critical mass of Puzzles for Progress-related news at the moment! I'll dive right into it.

1. The logic puzzle contest PANFOPCWHTTAPA 2, which I've cowritten, is happening now! This is the sequel to a similar contest last November. It contains three each of Hidato, Slitherlink, Statue Park, Star Battle, and Nurikabe. (Hidato is like the King's Tour, except that 1 and the highest digit don't necessarily touch.)

It's running on Logic Masters India, but you absolutely do not have to be from India to participate. I'm really proud of the contest we've put together! To participate, simply click this link before 10:30 PST on February 1 (end of the day IST) and follow the instructions.

2. The first PANFOPCWHTTAPA, meanwhile, has been featured on Scott Strosahl's YouTube channel! (Which is now called Scott Stro-solves, by the way.) Whether or not you've solved the puzzles, if you want to see them solved live by an experienced puzzler, this is the video for you.

3. Including $183 from first-month book sales, Puzzles for Progress's fundraising has now passed $2250! (It's actually quite close to $2500 as it stands.) This equates to 450 malaria nets shipped to the people who need them most. According to back-of-the-envelope calculations I made awhile ago, about every 1 net in 150 is life-saving, so statistically, this $2250 could imply three people's lives have been saved. Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the puzzle book or donated to Nothing But Nets on PfP's behalf.

4. I recently made a very unfair crossword, which I posted to Crosshare. While I'm proud of the clues, I'm aware the puzzle is extremely difficult, and for this reason it's not going to be an official PfP puzzle; nevertheless, I wanted to give y'all a link. Don't be afraid to hit Reveal Puzzle!

5. Finally, Puzzles for Progress will, in fact, be back soon with puzzles every other week. I'm hoping this schedule will give me the opportunity to put out puzzles I'm happy with, free of stress. Be excited for three puzzles on February 4th!


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