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Preorder the Puzzles for Progress Book!

Hopefully the title gives it away, but you can now preorder the book Best of Puzzles for Progress! The book costs $11.99 plus shipping, though you won't be charged until the book is actually released. I'm really excited for it, and I'd be extremely grateful if you preordered it at!

For those curious, here's the (tentative) cover! I went with a deep purple gradient background, which I think looks very cool.

And here's the blurb about the book that you can find on the Barnes and Noble website:

Try your hand at this collection of hand-crafted logic and word puzzles! Spanning a wide variety of puzzle types, from crosswords to sudoku to capsules to spirals, there’s truly something for everyone. The puzzles range from easy to hard, and are carefully designed to be fun, engaging, and smooth to solve. They are curated from the website Puzzles for Progress, along with 6 exclusive new puzzles! There will also be a bit of non-puzzle bonus content.

Also, all profits from this book are donated to Nothing But Nets, a charity providing potentially life-saving malaria nets to vulnerable families. Every purchase makes progress!

When will the book be released? Barnes and Noble made me pick a date, so I picked September 3rd, but that's probably a best-case scenario. There's a saying that the first 90% of work on a project takes 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% of work accounts for the other 90%. I'm currently on that last bit of finalizing, and it's very hard to predict when the book will actually be in its final form (though all of the actual puzzles are ready!) However, I'm confident the book will be available within the next few months. Regardless, if you preorder the book, you will be able to get it first. Please do so!

Again, preorder at Thanks a lot!

(Or, or, or, or just They all go to the same place. I like to get a lot of tinyurls, okay? Anyway, the important thing is that you click one of them.)


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