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Puzzles Featured on Scott Strosahl's YouTube Channel!

Scott Strosahl just published on YouTube a video solve of three Puzzles for Progress puzzles!

Specifically, he solved the puzzles in the most recent Issue #40: Puzzle Spotlight: Mirrored Gallery, which I'm quite proud of.

If you were unable to solve those Mirrored Galleries, or just want to see a video of someone else solving it, watch that video for sure! This is the first time a Puzzles for Progress puzzle has been featured in a YouTube video, so, you know, history being made and all.

(By the way, in his video, he made a few references to Star Battle, a puzzle type which is indeed similar to Mirrored Gallery. In Star Battle, stars must be placed in a grid such that none of them touch, including diagonally. However, instead of the symmetry criterion Mirrored Gallery has, 2 stars must be placed in each column. (In some puzzles, only 1 star per column is required, but 2 stars is more common.) I haven't made a Star Battle yet on Puzzles for Progress, but I may attempt to create one soon!)

Among other things, Scott is an accomplished puzzle creator who has been featured several times on the YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic, of which I am a superfan! Here's a link to one of his puzzles there. And, of course, if you haven't watched The Miracle Sudoku on Cracking the Cryptic, you must. It's absolutely spectacular.

In any case, I'm super happy PfP was featured in this way, and absolutely did not expect it to happen! Again, you can watch the video at this link. Check it out! And, of course, stay tuned for the regularly scheduled puzzle page on Friday.

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