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#117: Arrow Sudoku (8×8), Norinori, For Enders

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! Mostly business as usual today.

Today's edition of Puzzles fordle Progress, my custom wordle, is brought to you by Allison, who said "Omg so much power" when I asked if she wanted to come up with the PfP wordle. She had multiple good word ideas, so there might be more Allison wordles in future weeks! Anyway, today's is a seven-letter word (as has been my trend recently), which should be entirely fair — but not exactly common: solve

Onto the puzzles. For the first time, I've made a sudoku which isn't 6×6 or 9×9: it's an 8×8 Arrow Sudoku, made on f-puzzles with heavy assistance from Rangsk's True Candidates tool. Atypically for PfP, the puzzle actually came together within minutes, but I thought the flow was PfP-caliber, so I didn't want to let that superficial statistic cloud my view of the puzzle. Enjoy!

Next is a Norinori designed to flow well and demonstrate some of the nice Norinori patterns:

I've made the word puzzle For Starters before, so why not For Enders? It's not really a good pun anymore, but that's alright, I think it's still a fun puzzle and twist on the original.

(If you find any errors, it’s possible that I’ve fixed them on the site. If I haven't, please tell me about them!)

Testers for today's puzzles include: my mom, Zachary Sifuentes, Bolgat, and TheRecognitionScene.

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