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#54: Word Ladder; Diamond Capsules; Mirrored Galaxy

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress #54! Today, a Word Ladder traversing the number line, a Capsules with the all-new "diamond" constraint (which actually just means that numbers two squares horizontally or two squares vertically can't be the same), and the inevitable pun, Mirrored Galaxy. It's actually a hybrid between Mirrored Gallery and Star Battle, which as it happens is an incredibly constrained rules set. Some spicy puzzles today, and perhaps a bit more challenging than average. I actually thought it was impossible on 9x9 for a period of time. Without further ado, the puzzles:

Print the puzzles out using the following links:

Alternatively, here they are all on one page:

Or solve the puzzles online using the following links:

Word Ladder: (copiable, Google Docs)

Diamond Capsules: (Penpa)

Mirrored Galaxy: (Penpa, no answer check)

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: KenKen; The King's Arrow Tour; Numbering System

As a reward for reading this far, some small details probably only I care about:

Small Details Probably Only Jacob Cares About Corner

Puzzles for Progress is now being stylized in normal title case on the puzzle pdfs! I think it looks nicer that way. Also, individual puzzles are now in portrait (which allows me to increase the font, surprisingly–less wasted space!) and say "Puzzles for Progress #54a" (or similar) instead of the awkward "Part of Puzzles for Progress."

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