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#63: Clone Capsules; Killer Sudoku; Spiral

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! Today, a Capsules (Suguru) with clones (and an inequality sign), another installment in my ad hoc series of Capsules utilizing a common sudoku variant. Speaking of, a full-size Killer Sudoku with only 2x2 cages. And a Spiral with slightly less sane (but still normal) clues than usual. I hope you enjoy solving them!

Print the puzzles out using the following links:

Alternatively, here they are all on one page:

Or solve the puzzles online using the following links:

Clone Capsules: (Penpa)

Killer Sudoku: (CTC, recommended)

Killer Sudoku: (f-puzzles)

And, as always, the answers:

Oh, a note to people who've preordered the PfP book. I mentioned last week that I would tell you when I knew more about the whole Barnes-and-Noble-cancelling orders thing. It turns out that it's Barnes and Noble's fault, a technical glitch on their end. Annoyingly, they say that a cancelled order cannot be reinstated, so if you preordered the book, you'll have to reorder it. I'm really sorry about this. However, the preorder page is not yet live again, so no action is needed at this time. I'll send out a separate email when action is. As always, I'm super appreciative for your support!

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