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#68: Masyu; Hashi; Tents [from PANFOPCWHTTAPA] (plus bonus Swift Spiral)

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

The Logic Masters India contest I cowrote, Picking A Name For Our Puzzle Contest Was Harder Than The Puzzles Are, went very well; over 250 people competed! (Also, the winner somehow correctly solved all fifteen puzzles in under 12 minutes.) If you're one of those people, thank you so much. If not, you get to solve the puzzles anyway!

Here's a pdf of all the puzzles in PANFOPCWHTTAPA, with links to online Penpa versions: The puzzles in this pdf are by me, David Altizio, Priyam Bhushan, and Botaku.

I've also formatted those that are by me in normal Puzzles for Progress style, so you can access them in all the typical ways here:

Print the puzzles out from the following pdfs:

Or here they are, all on one page:

Alternatively, solve the puzzles online using the following links:

And, as always, the answers:

Oh, right, the other thing I mentioned in the title. Malaika Handa made this 7x7 crossword [Edit: also this better one] where all the words appeared in Taylor Swift songs, clued fill-in-the-blank. And separately, I had written a very inefficient program to generate Spirals. (And when I say "very inefficient," I mean it–to get a Spiral of the right length, it just keeps generating them, randomizing the order of the wordlist every time, until it gets a puzzle that's the right length and where the uncrossed letters backwards make a word.)

So all I had to do was find a list of all words that appeared in Taylor Swift songs, and thanks to someone on Reddit, it was easier than I thought. So I just...generated a Spiral with only Taylor Swift lyrics, and now it exists. You can solve it if you want! It's probably quite hard if you haven't listened to a great deal of her music; the way it ended up, the more popular songs aren't very well-represented. Anyway, Red (Taylor's Version) comes out today, so if I don't publish the Spiral today, I probably never will.

jpz: (download to solve online with et al)

Next week: Building Blocks x45 (you read that right!)

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