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#76: Crossword, Norinori, Full Masyu

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! I know, commas instead of semicolons in the title. I'm breaking all the rules now that I'm back 2022. (Semicolons were actually a kind of weird choice by Past Me. I'm doing commas in the future.) In all seriousness, I've formatted this post in a new way. If any of you have opinions on the change (or any PfP opinions in general, for that matter!), I'd be curious to hear them!

Anyway, I know it's been a month, but I don't have a ton to say here, maybe because I said a lot of things (exactly five, actually) a week ago. But I do have three puzzles! None are meant to be super difficult.

The first is a 9x9 crossword. Nothing too unusual here, but I'm proud of how dense the theme is given the size. By the way, the clue for 26-Across was written by my mother; I think it's very good!

The second is a Norinori. It's a much-memed puzzle type in the Cracking the Cryptic sphere. However, it's been appearing in the New York Times Magazine recently, and I've really been getting into them. So I decided to make one! It's a cool genre.

The third is a Full Masyu. It's like Masyu, but the loop must go through all cells. It's honestly such a good variant that it makes me wonder whether it should be the default for Masyu. Anyway, I made one. Should be approachable!

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