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#80: Whirlpool, Crossword, Antiknight Diamond Meandering Arrow Between Line Killer ... Capsules

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Today is April first! I'm sure that's irrelevant, and all of today's puzzles are completely standard and unremarkable — among puzzle makers, I'm notorious for being no-nonsense.

The first puzzle is a Whirlpool! I still like this puzzle type, even though I haven't published one in a good while. Sadly, I don't know of any online interfaces for Whirlpool.

Next, we've got a 7x7 crossword, which is themeless. While cluing this puzzle, I focused on finding interesting cluing angles, while ensuring all the clues were accurate and fair!

As I've mentioned, I've been making an ad hoc series of Capsules puzzles with common sudoku variants. This is the pinnacle of that series, requiring you to combine everything you've learned about those variants. Probably the most difficult PfP puzzle of all time, it's an Antiknight Diamond Meandering Arrow Between Line Killer Kropki Pairs Quadruples Thermo XV Capsules. Good luck!

Small Details Probably Only Jacob Cares About Corner

Ugh, arbitary Wix limits. Only 100 characters in the title of a post? Only 10 categories? Scandalous, frankly.

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