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#87: Mirrored Gallery, Thermo Sudoku, Crossword

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Hello and welcome. Yesterday, after two hundred something puzzles and two thousand something dollars, Puzzles for Progress turned two years old! Thank you everyone for helping PfP reach this anniversary, I've had so much fun creating it. Here's to many more years of Puzzles for Progress!

Before the puzzles, here's a link to everyone's favorite Wordle, Puzzles fordle Progress.

The first puzzle is a Mirrored Gallery, a type which I haven't made in awhile. This one should be fairly approachable, a good introduction if you've never done one:

Then a Thermo Sudoku. This one does have some backstory. Over on the Cracking the Cryptic fan Discord server, I realized some time ago that I had posted in every public channel...except for the one called #monthly-puzzle-prompt, where, true to form, you have to post puzzles fitting a monthly prompt. Prompts are hard, but this one was weather, so I decided to make a thermo sudoku where the thermometers looked like lightning bolts, which, you know, it counts. Shouldn't be too brutal to solve:

And lastly, an 11x11 crossword. For this one, I decided to make the grid according to Japanese conventions, which just means that black squares can't touch or appear in corners, and a few squares are allowed to be unchecked (not part of both an Across and a Down). I haven't actually done any Japanese crosswords—my understanding of these conventions comes exclusively from the Wikipedia article "Crossword"—and there's an argument on the talk page from 2006 over whether this is accurate. It doesn't really matter to me. I made a crossword with a pretty pattern of black squares, I threw in some fun clues some of which may be too long, it'll be a blast:

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