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#95: Barns, Norinori, Crossword

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! Today, three puzzles on the easier end. I didn't really design them to be that way, but they come out how they come out, you know? Also, none of these puzzles was as much of a battle to create as usual - they just kinda flowed - which is always nice.

I'm still doing Puzzles fordle Progress, as it happens: solve

It's been too long since a puzzle type made its Puzzles for Progress debut! Barns has rules about as simple as they get, though: you just have to make a loop that doesn't go through the borders. I'm proud of the aesthetic theme I was able to achieve:

After that, it's a Norinori, and I think the logic is cool:

Then we've got a 10x10 crossword, which is actually the first even-by-even crossword I've ever made. I'm not quite sure why those are so much less popular (though Vulture does 'em!) but I made one, just because it was a natural size to fit in 12-Across. It's themeless:

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