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Wordle Blog Post & Birthday 6x6 Sudokus

Hey Puzzles for Progress people! Two things I wanted to quickly mention:

1. I don't talk about it here every time I publish a blog post, but the one I put out yesterday was about Wordle, so I thought some of you would be interested! In it, I talk about my Wordle story, and how I solved seven Wordles in 36 seconds, which I think is a record! (There's video of it!) I also talk about Obscurdle, my favorite Wordle spinoff, and link to an answer key I made for it. Then, I do a rundown of every Wordle variant I can think of, with my thoughts on that variant.

Plus, there are some bonus custom Wordle puzzles made by me at the end, which you can solve!

2. As part of a Discord birthday-puzzles event (my birthday was twelve days ago), Wyrm made me an amazing set of approachable 6x6 variant sudoku puzzles in the style of Puzzles for Progress. I liked them so much that I asked permission to post them here!


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