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#109: Chocolate Banana, Enclosures, Overpath

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

My covid-free streak finally ended, and I have been feeling substantially tireder than usual as a result. But if you thought such mere mortal encumbrances would prevent Puzzles for Progress from coming out on time, I have disproven you! (Although it didn't hurt that I'd done most of the work before I caught covid.)

Puzzles fordle Progress, my custom wordle, is continuing its foray into the seven-letter realm: solve

First we've got a logic puzzle type that I just learned about and have been finding pretty fun (here's two I enjoyed), so I made my own! It's called Chocolate Banana, which actually kinda makes sense if you think about it. Anyway, here's my first attempt at one:

I talk a lot about not having a backlog, but when I made my last Enclosures, I found this one in my Google Drive that I had apparently never aired. But then I re-solved it and it was perfectly good! (Though I did edit it slightly.) So I guess I do have puzzles that slip through the cracks:

Finally, an Overpath puzzle, whose grid I made last weekend and whose clues I wrote today. You may find the bottom row is a bit harder than the rest (or maybe not), but sometimes that's how it goes:

(From time to time, one or two of the above links will be wrong due to carelessness from me. If you find an error, let me know! It’s possible that I’ve fixed it on, or that you can deduce the correct link.)

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