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#111: Puzzle Spotlight: Chocolate Banana

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! It's been, oh, just a year and a bit since the last time I did an official Puzzle Spotlight. Nevertheless, I still think it's a great way to get into the groove of a puzzle type, and Chocolate Banana is one that I've been having fun with recently! So I hope you like it. If you do, feel free to check out my previous Puzzle Spotlight issues!

But first, the custom wordle, Puzzles fordle Progress, continuing the run of seven-letter words. This one may prove tricky, but it's a standard, non-obscure word! solve

Now for the Chocolate Banana puzzles! I'm hoping they'll be a good introduction to Chocolate Banana for less experienced solvers, and perhaps fun to speedsolve for experts. Also, just for fun, each one has a different form of symmetry. Enjoy!

(If you find any errors, it’s possible that I’ve fixed them on If I haven't, please tell me about them!)

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