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#31: Puzzle Spotlight: The King's Tour

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! This week, the grand finale of Puzzle Spotlight, featuring the most popular puzzle of them all: originally known as the King's Adventure, originally originally known as Hidato, but currently known as the King's Tour. I really enjoyed Puzzle Spotlight, so I think it's likely I'll do something similar again. But next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming: three different puzzles a week. I'm particularly excited for next week since it contains a new Jacob-Cohen-original puzzle genre, called Mirrored Gallery! Now that Hype Has Been Built, I 'll get back to today's puzzle page.

Print this puzzle page out by using the following link:

If you'd prefer each puzzle on a separate page, those links are also available below, as well as the link to the answer page:

Just the easier puzzle:

Just the medium puzzle:

Just the harder puzzle:

Now, here are some links to the puzzles on Penpa, the online puzzle-solving interface that gets the job done:

The medium puzzle:

The harder puzzle:

Next week’s puzzles: For Starters; Mirrored Gallery; Acrostic

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