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#45: Puzzle Spotlight: Overpath

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! It's the first puzzle page of the month, so it's Puzzle Spotlight week. The puzzle being spotlighted (spotlit) is Overpath! Like a Spiral, but the words all go the same direction. They're fun, yet challenging to fit on one page, so for this one you might actually want to go for the luxurious each-on-their-own-page. Come to think of it, why shouldn't that be the default model from now on? I think it's a bit of a nicer experience, though there is an undeniable charm to seeing them all on one page like that. Anyway:

Just the easier puzzle:

Just the medium puzzle:

Just the harder puzzle:

Compact version (formerly default):

Online editions do sorta exist with, but they're a little janky for Overpath since it's actually Snake Charmer, which is like Overpath but laid out in a less intuitive way. Most importantly are JPZ files (which you put into, so I can't figure out how to attach them here and, as I'm writing this, am a bit tired and don't feel like exhibiting perseverance, sorry. I will the next time I make a Spiral, though, their Spiral interface is gorgeous.

Next week: Word Ladder: Across Asia; Enclosures; Star Battle

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