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#55: KenKen; The King's Arrow Tour; Numbering System

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! In addition to a KenKen, we have a King's Arrow Tour today, which is like The King's Tour (almost also known as Hidato) but with Arrows! It's really all in the title. Also, a linguistics puzzle, which I haven't done since Issue #37 (speliq rúfórm)! This one's about a numbering system I made, and since I couldn't think of a good title, it's called Numbering System. Creative, I know.

Print the puzzles out using the following links:

The King's Arrow Tour:

Alternatively, here they are all on one page:

Or solve the KenKen and King's Arrow Tour online using the following links:

The King's Arrow Tour: (Penpa)

By the way, Penpa has introduced a new, sleeker solution mode, Penpa Lite. It allows you, the solver, to not have to worry about which mode you're on; the default will be the one you want. I've wanted something like this for awhile! Though know that you can disable Penpa Lite in the top right if you want to use other features–for example, to highlight cells.

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: Fillomino; Star Battle; Overpath

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