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#64: Crossword; Mirrored Gallery; The King's Arrow Tour

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! We're on a power of two. Also the first number besides 1 to be both a perfect square and a perfect cube. This isn't actually that remarkable, because it's two to the sixth power.

Before I get to today's puzzles: you can now re-preorder the Puzzles for Progress book at! Note that if you previously preordered it, but Barnes and Noble cancelled the order, you must still preorder it again to receive your book. If you haven't previously preordered it, you should! (It can also make a great gift.) If all goes as planned, the book will release during the last week of October or the first week of November.

Anyway, the main attraction. Today's puzzles are a bit more difficult than usual–I wasn't trying to make them harder, that's just how they came out. They include a very themed crossword, a Mirrored Gallery with two lines of symmetry, and a minimalistic King's Arrow Tour. I think you'll enjoy the puzzles' solve paths!

Because they're a little harder than normal and all kind of have "tricks" that are important to finishing them, I wrote a few hints. If you at any time feel stuck:

Enjoy the puzzles!

Print them out from the following pdfs:

The King's Arrow Tour:

Or here they are, all on one page:

Alternatively, solve the puzzles online using the following links:

Crossword: (Crossword Hobbyist)

Crossword: (.puz file for, Across Lite, etc.)

Mirrored Gallery: (Penpa)

The King's Arrow Tour: (Penpa)

And, as always, the answers:

When I launched Puzzles for Progress, I had a backlog of about seven weeks. Somehow, I now have a backlog of zero weeks. In fact, I am writing this exactly one hour and six minutes before the puzzles go live at midnight, and made the Mirrored Gallery literally today. So, uh, no "Next week" section this week, because I have no idea what puzzles will be next week. But I'm on break for the next few days, so I'll try to build up my backlog again. Puzzles will continue weekly for the near future!

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