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#67: Puzzle Spotlight: Tapa

Hello everyone, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress. Three separate news items today before I get to the puzzles!

  1. I cowrote a puzzle contest with David Altizio, Priyam Bhushan, and Botaku, three great puzzlemakers from three different continents, and you can participate in it right now! It's called Picking A Name For Our Puzzle Contest Was Harder Than The Actual Puzzles Are, or PANFOPCWHTTAPA for short, and is on Logic Masters India–though people of all nationalities can participate. (You can guess who came up with the name.). It contains fifteen logic puzzles, all designed to be approachable. All you have to do to participate is to follow the instructions in this Instruction Booklet. I think y'all will really enjoy it! The contest closes next Wednesday, November 10; I'll link to the puzzles here next week.

  2. My Killer Sudoku from Issue #63 was live-streamed by rangsk! Watch it here. (He also explains the origin of the name Killer Sudoku, which I did not know...) I really like rangsk's YouTube channel; if you haven't checked it out, I particularly like his Sudokult Discussion series on advanced sudoku techniques, as well as Learn to Love Sudoku, which covers easier techniques. Check it out!

  3. And, of course, I released Best of Puzzles for Progress this week! Right now, I just want to massively thank everyone who has purchased the book in spite of the whims of Barnes and Noble (which should all be over now). If you haven't bought it, you still can at!

Right, today's regularly scheduled puzzles. The aforementioned puzzle contest, PANFOPCWHTTAPA, contains three Tapa puzzles, but I didn't get to write any of them. So instead, I made some for Puzzles for Progress! The medium and harder puzzles are a bit closer together in difficulty than I'd like, but testers enjoyed all three of today's puzzles.

Print the puzzles out from the following pdfs:

Or here they are, all on one page:

Alternatively, solve the puzzles online with using the following links ( is really nice for puzzles like Tapa, so this is a great option today):

And, as always, the answers:

Small Details Probably Only Jacob Cares About Corner

By the way, I just realized that the first puzzle today is not actually symmetric. This doesn't affect the solve, but it does annoy me.

Next week: Masyu x2; Hashi; Tents [PANFOPCWHTTAPA]

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