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#69: 45 Building Blocks (that my computer made)

Hey! Normally for Puzzles for Progress, as you know, I make three puzzles. Today, my computer made 45. I can explain.

Building Blocks is a well-liked puzzle, but I realized that apart from the phrase revealed at the end of the puzzle, there’s nothing in it that a computer couldn’t theoretically create. So, I decided to write a program to make Building Blocks! Well, instead of the normal phrase, there will just be two random nine-letter words running down the shaded columns. Still, it’s pretty close to the real Building Blocks.

I’ve test solved all of the puzzles, rejecting and replacing ten (usually for obscure words), but I don’t expect you to do all of them! I just think it’s nice to have a large supply available when you like a puzzle type. Also, the puzzles are not in order of difficulty. If you can’t start one, move onto the next.


Print some of the puzzles out, three to four to a page:

Print some of the puzzles out, each on its own page:

Make a copy of the Google Slideshow I used and solve the puzzles online that way (this is how I made the answer key, it works surprisingly well):

And, as always, the answers:

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