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#79: Puzzle Spotlight: Midloop

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Today, I've made three Midloop puzzles for you. I have no real justification for today being Puzzle Spotlight — it's not even the first puzzle set of the month — except that I felt like making some Midloops. If you haven't done Midloop, it's one of those puzzle types with simple rules that still has a lot of depth.


First, Puzzle fordle Progress! I'm serious about doing a custom Wordle every time.

The easier Midloop:

The medium Midloop:

Now, for the harder Midloop, I made a logical leap while setting — I assumed something I shouldn't have — but I loved the deductions afterward so much that I wanted to keep the puzzle. Therefore, this puzzle has two random Xs. If you solve online, be sure to manually add these two Xs, as shown below! ( doesn't allow me to.)

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