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#85: I Made Four Star Battles

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

First of all, I have in fact redesigned the Puzzles for Progress site! I have a few more things I want to do (I haven't touched the FAQ yet) but I think it already looks more inviting. A lot of the design decisions I made were sort of grandfathered from when I first made the site in July 2020: having someone go to the homepage and have to read a bunch of text about the project makes a lot less sense when there are hundreds of puzzles to show first! Additionally, I was able to remove some of the lies—the old site still claimed I was releasing puzzles weekly, which hadn't been true for six months! I can't believe I didn't change that until now. Overall, this redesign reinvigorated my excitement about PfP.

Second of all, I published a new Wordle-related post ("Seven Wordles Speedrun War") on my blog Chromatic Conflux, so if that sounds interesting, I recommend you check it out!

Speaking of Wordle, it's Puzzles fordle Progress time! This one is meant to provide a true test of ability. (Though it is, as always, a common word.)

Anyway, today's set of puzzles. Should this be a Puzzle Spotlight? I’m not sure. I just happened to have made four Star Battles that I want to share! I find them very relaxing to create, and I also think their rules make them accessible and simple. I made the final puzzle, with the regions spelling MOM, this past Mother's Day, and I gave a modified version of the first one to my brother for his birthday. The rest, I created directly for Puzzles for Progress. Have fun!

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