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#88: Word Ladder, Sums-Only Capsules, A Fourth-Wall Break

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Before I get to the puzzles, two pieces of site news: Firstly, now goes to the Puzzles for Progress site! And secondly, as I promised over a month ago, I finally redid the FAQ to remove various no-longer-true things, as well as making some other changes. If you notice anything I should fix, please tell me!

Next, I'm back on the Rangsk YouTube channel with my Thermo Sudoku from two weeks ago!

Then, we've got today's Puzzles fordle Progress, the Puzzles for Progress custom Wordle.

My first official puzzle today is a Word Ladder, which should be on the easier side. I apologize for the asymmetry, the puzzle refused to be symmetrical. Anyway, still good!

Then Sums-Only Capsules! It's been long enough since I created an original puzzle type, and I think this qualifies even though it's sort of a Capsules variant. I'm quite proud of it, the puzzle just sort of worked when I was making it, instead of requiring a big battle to make work!

Another thing that hasn't been on Puzzles for Progress for some time is a linguistics puzzle! I love those, but my bottleneck is ideas for them. Fortunately, I got an idea for one, though it's slightly evil. (Evil in the sense of unconventional, not in the sense of evilly difficult.) It's called A Fourth-Wall Break.

I think that's everything. Happy puzzling!

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