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#89: Midloop, Positional Sudoku, Spiral

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! I'm writing this on Monday at 11:26 instead of Thursday at 11:26, so look at me, all on top of things. Unfortunately, there are no elephants today. There are, however, three puzzles!

Before we get to that, you guessed it, it's my custom wordle, Puzzles fordle Progress.

The first main puzzle is a medium-difficulty Midloop, which I originally made for a contest but, even though we liked it, it didn't fit. So now you all get to solve it!

Next, an original build-your-own-regions sudoku variant called Positional Sudoku. I actually made this puzzle over a year ago, but it somehow slipped through the cracks and I never posted it. Until now! I enjoyed re-solving it, and can vouch for it being worthwhile.

I've been keeping a list of Spiral crossings that I wanted to use in a puzzle. For this one, I decided to empty it! This puzzle is six crossings I've always been interested in including, all rolled into one.

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