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#41: Whirlpool; Arrow Sudoku; Overpath

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! This puzzle page contains the debut of two super fun word puzzles–Whirlpool and Overpath–as well as the second Arrow Sudoku, only three puzzle pages after its debut. I'm excited about each of these puzzles, but Overpath in particular–akin to a Spiral where both word paths go forward, overlaying atop one another. They're a blast to make!

Print this puzzle page out by using the following link:

If you'd prefer each puzzle on a separate page, links to those are below:

Just the Whirlpool puzzle:

Just the Arrow Sudoku puzzle:

Just the Overpath puzzle:

I'm not aware of any good online interfaces for non-crossword puzzles, but the Arrow Sudoku is available with f-puzzles at

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: Spiral; Numbergrid; The King's Tour

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