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#42: Spiral; Numbergrid; The King's Tour

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress! I can't believe we're already at Issue #42; meaning of life and all. I thought about making a puzzle related to that fact, but I couldn't think of anything interesting related to that, so naturally I persevered, and found a way to incorporate it in a clever and interesting way. Who am I kidding, I just gave up and made normal puzzles.

The first is a themeless Spiral, with a higher average word length of nearly 5.5, which is mildly impressive! The second, a Numbergrid, also known as a Nonogram. (I haven't made one since Issue #15, but y'all said you liked them well enough, so why not?) This was part of a little mini-quest to make a Numbergrid where no individual clue could determine whether any one square is filled in–you have to consider them together. I succeeded! Finally, a King's Tour, on the challenging side, but really interesting, if I may say so myself.

Print this puzzle page out by using the following link:

If you'd prefer each puzzle on a separate page, links to those are below:

Just the Spiral puzzle:

Just the Numbergrid puzzle:

Just the King's Tour puzzle:

Spirals are not available online because they're weird and special. Numbergrids are on, so the interface is beautiful and intuitive. The King's Tour isn't, so I used Penpa. Anyway, here are links to the puzzles that are available online:

Just the Numbergrid puzzle:

Just the King's Tour puzzle:

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: Building Blocks; Suko; Capsules

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