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#48: Combinations; Whirlpool; Star Battle

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Every time I do Combinations, I feel like the pool of good combinations has been shrinking until I'm left with the absolute dregs. So this time, I'm emptying my list of combinations to make one, final edition of Combinations. Its going-out-of-business sale, if you will, its everything-we-have-in-the-fridge special. Its last hurrah.

In other news, when I was making the Whirlpool for this week's edition, I realized only too late it was 7x6 instead of 6x6. But by that time, I already loved it enough that it was making it in. I'm proud of how many fun and interesting entries I could get in. And then there's Star Battle; a bit of a harder one–I originally made it for Issue #46 but swapped it out for an easier one.

Print the puzzles out using the following links:

Just the Combinations puzzle:

Just the Whirlpool puzzle:

Just the Star Battle puzzle:

Alternatively, here they are all on one page: (I love when this link is available! Usually I have to settle for (which, now that I'm mentioning, I should probably also get. They both link to the same place.))

Combinations and Whirlpool don't have proper online versions, but Star Battle has two! See, I've been hating a lot on Penpa before, but I actually think they're really nice for Star Battle–the ability to highlight pairs of cells where one can contain a star, instead of just placing a dot, is helpful for me. I've posted the link as well, if you'd prefer that. If you're not sure which to use, though, do the It's simply a more intuitive interface.

The Star Battle, online with (recommended):

The Star Battle, online with Penpa (also solid):

And, as always, the answers:

Next week: Puzzle Spotlight: Fillomino

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