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#58: Puzzle Spotlight: Star Battle

Hello, and welcome back to Puzzles for Progress! I (mostly) took a break from PfP in August, so it's nice to be back.

And it is the first Friday of the month, so that means it's Puzzle Spotlight time. In the spotlight this week is Star Battle, which is one of those puzzles with very simple rules but just as interesting logic. (It's also quite similar to Mirrored Gallery.) Whether you've never zero Star Battles before or a gazillion, I hope you'll find these three puzzles enjoyable!

(Edit: Scott Strosahl has solved these puzzles on his YouTube channel, so watch that if you want to see a quick video solve!)

Print the puzzles out using the following links:

Alternatively, here they are all on one page:

Or solve the puzzles online with the great using the following links:

And, as always, the answers:

Last week (actually, a few weeks ago, but the last issue): Zigzag; Capsules; The King's Arrow Tour

Next week: Crossword; Tetrominous; Slitherlink

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