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#71: Puzzle Spotlight: The King's Tour (with black squares)

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

It's Puzzle Spotlight time, and I've selected the King's Tour! Issue #31 was also a Puzzle Spotlight for the King's Tour ("the grand finale of Puzzle Spotlight" ... oh, past-Jacob, who thought it was just a special thing for the January 2020), which makes it the first puzzle to return. But this time, there's a twist! The puzzles have black squares, which are not included in the king's path. While this is a simple-sounding twist, it really changes the feel of the puzzle, and whether you've done zero King's Tours before or a ton, I think you'll enjoy today's puzzles.

Print the puzzles out from the following pdfs:

Or here they are, all on one page:

Alternatively, solve the puzzles online with Penpa using the following links:

And, as always, the answers:

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