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#86: The King's Tour, Full Masyu, Overpath

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

Since I switched to a biweekly schedule, you would be justified in imagining that I've used the extra time to amass a sizable backlog. Haha, nope! Instead, I write this on Thursday evening having completed the Overpath just hours earlier. (I've been a bit busy this week.) Anyway, this is hopefully not a reflection on the quality of today's puzzles. Ironically, two out of the three (not Full Masyu) are puzzle types that haven't been featured on PfP since it became biweekly in February.

Before I get to those, as usual, it's time for Puzzles fordle Progress, my custom Wordle!

Then we've got The King's Tour, a representative of one of my all-time favorite puzzle types. (It's also known as Hidato, except that the smallest and largest digit must touch.) This one only has three given digits, but has a very restrictive black square pattern:

I've been really enjoying "full" versions of loop puzzles, where the loop must go through all cells, lately. Previously on PfP: two Midloops, one Slitherlink, and one Masyu. I said then that it maybe should be the default for Masyu, and I think I stand by that! Linked below is a Full Masyu:

And, finally an Overpath (Snake Charmer styled differently), based on the ridiculous seven-letter overlap of the final two entries. I feel like I didn't discover this overlap, but I also have no memory of where I first learned about it; if it was someone else's puzzle, sorry. Regardless, enjoy this one!

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