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#98: Heteromino, Cell Blocks, Overpath

Hello, and welcome to Puzzles for Progress!

It's another edition full of puzzles from the past. My last (and only other) Heteromino was from Issue #36, my last Cell Blocks from Issue #51, and my last Overpath from the recent-by-comparison Issue #86. (The one before that was from #65.) Anyway, today's puzzles should be on the easier side, relatively speaking, so this could be a fun opportunity to dive into these obscurer types.

Puzzles fordle Progress today is a six-letter wordle: solve

Heteromino is quite an obscure puzzle type — they are separated by months in the database. Nevertheless, I think it's underrated!

Cell Blocks, also known as Shikaku, is an approachable genre that I think really shines when allowed to have question-mark clues. This one has a symmetrical clue layout:

Overpath, also sort of known as Snake Charmer, is maybe the ultimate straightforward word puzzle type, in a sense: a Spiral without the words needing to be reversed, just a string that can be parsed as two paths of entries.

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